Would you like fries with that?

10 February 2009

We all knew it was only going to be a matter of time. I knew it when I first saw the spinach quiche at a local store. Turns out that frou-frou coffee giant Starbucks will begin to offer a breakfast menu.

Say what you will, Starbucks brews some damn good coffee--their lattes make me swoon. I am not sure how I feel about their new move--somewhat the inverse of McDonald's recent move to premium coffee offerings. I am sure it will beautify the company's bottom line, but what will it do culturally? Can't Starbucks just remain a coffee house?

The company single-handedly introduced Americans to otherwise unheard of coffee beverages (even if the names of these beverages are someone inaccurate). What will the new menu have to offer? Could be interesting.

Click here to check out the full story on U.S News.com.


Zadillo said...

Wait, didn't Starbucks announce last year they were ending breakfast sales sandwiches - http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/31/business/31sbux.html ? People were complaining because the breakfast sandwich smells were interfering with the coffee smells in their stores. So now they're bringing them back, but trying to take on breakfast combo meals? Hard to figure Starbucks out.

Anonymous said...

two words: instant coffee

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