"Spring Cleaning," or "I Hate Chores"

17 May 2009

So now that spring has officially pushed winter off the ledge, it's time for that yearly renewal that we all anxiously await. Did you detect a hint of sarcasm? It's there, I assure you.

I've been using this blog for about four months now. It began as a vessel of my Digital Writing class and has turned into something that I actually care about. I've had blogs before, but they fizzled. This blog, however, feels comfortable to me--it's kinda like home.

That being said, I've had a few visitors lately in the form of assignments that were to be posted to this blog. I had to open up my home and allow those horrible-looking assignments to be posted. Fortunately, they are now gone. Deleted. Spring-cleaned.

Also of note, I am going to be adding a lot more to this blog--not only will this be an outlet for my views on the world in text, but also audio. That's correct, the podcast has been revamped and as soon as I can find out how to fix the feed, it will be available here on the blog, or on its very own website.

I am hoping to stick with my original manifesto for this blog and really make my voice heard. I know people have to listen to it, but maybe if I scream loud enough...

For those of you who actually read this blog, please leave comments. I really appreciate hearing feedback. Thanks for putting your voices out there too.

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nikol said...

very cool. looking forward to reading more!

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