Are they trying to start a scandal?

05 February 2009

So, I'm sure that everyone knows about the recent events involving Olympic goldenboy Michael Phelps and a certain piece of marijuana paraphernalia. And the pictures, must not forget the pictures. We've seen them, we've thought about how much of a dumbass he is, and we've moved on. I suggest that that the sheriff of Richland County, South Carolina do the same.

My reaction upon hearing the news about Phelps' drug use was initially, "I don't care." It then became, "Oh, there are pictures," and finally, "I don't care." I do believe that there is something to be said about him getting caught, however. Being that I am a strict believer that one should do what he or she will with his or her body, it's none of my business if homeboy wants to smoke a bong. But when you have million-dollar career riding on it, you should at least smoke it in the bathroom--with the lights off or something. That was what was so terrible about it. Hey Mikey! Cover your ass and protect your career!

This nonsense about the authorities getting involved is, to be frank, utter bullshit. I would love to understand how they plan to discern Phelps' location by using a photograph. Now, I admittedly don't watch a lot of CSI, but I don't remember hearing about technology that can definitively prove that the picture was taken within this particular jurisdiction.

On a side note, my mother grew up just across the river from the University of South Carolina in neighboring Lexington County. I still have family there. One thing that I can tell you about the largest city in the state is that it isn't that big. Another thing I can tell you is that there isn't a lot there and that outside of South Carolina, it isn't noteworthy whatsoever.

I think this is just for attention to be brought to the area. Can you remember the last time that Columbia, South Carolina was in the news? Me neither (actually, it was when Travis Barker and DJ Am's plane crashed just outside the city, but that's neither here nor there). The sheriff of Nottingham needs to untwist his thong and get over it.

Doesn't sorry mean anything these days? Jeez.

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