Oh lord...

05 February 2009

She's all over the cover of nearly every magazine. The president has made comments about her. And here you have it folks, the new Jessica Simpson!!

I will admit that this is a very unflattering photo that I've chosen. She actually scares me a little here.

I would like to say, however, who gives a damn if she gained some weight?? I see the freshman here at my school blow up every fall and nobody puts them on the cover of a magazine. I don't wanna sound like Chris Crocker here or anything, but leave Jessica alone!

People couldn't stand to see Britney Spears fat either. You're all sex fiends and if it isn't svelte, it ruins your wet dreams. Get over it, my children.

I'm also a little pissed because I'm way fatter than Miss Simpson and I've never been on a magazine cover. Maybe I should put some sequins on my jeans too, or wear ill-fitting blouses.

On second thought, no; this picture really scares me.

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