10 February 2009

Firstly, to both of my readers, I am sorry for my absence, and perhaps my continued absence. I caught a horrible bug that is keeping me in bed. So while I wait for the Nyquil to kick in let me just say:

What I've caught is nothing compared to what former heartthrob Chris Brown is gonna catch.

Brown has allegedly battered his girlfriend, and equally-famous pop icon, Rihanna. There are reports that not only did he hit her (and quite severely I might add), but he also bit her! What a monster.

Violence is not the answer y'all.

What's more, PerezHilton.com posted a video today that shows Brown just before he began dating Rihanna. In the video, he speaks about women and says that he would never abuse a woman. He also keeps talking about the "hood." Um, Chris--last time I checked, Tappahanock, Virginia was not the hood. Way to keep it real buddy!

Though updates and reports will continue to fly in, this seems to be the end for Brown. To me, this is more tragic than the scandal surrounding Michael Phelps. What message does this send to a hip-hop community already plagued with misogyny?

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