Face to face

16 February 2009

With all the bad that we hear on the news, it's imperative that we celebrate the little victories.

Back in December, you may remember hearing about an anonymous woman who received the first-ever face transplant. She has suffered face trauma that had disabled her from doing simple things like drinking from a cup. As you can see from the picture to the left, such an injury would drastically change your way of functioning. She couldn't even smell anything!

CNN.com is reporting that the patient is now regaining confidence. Apparently people would call her names when she would walk down the street. How cruel! I can imagine that it would be shocking to see someone who had suffered such injuries, but taunting her is out of line! They should keep their mouths shut. I am sure the woman didn't ask for her face to be disfigured.

Be sure to check out CNN's full story here.

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