It's a cover up I tell you!

16 February 2009

So what was the fireball that was seen plummeting to the ground through the skies over Texas on Sunday?

U.S. Strategic Command tracks satellite debris and says that the fireball was not related to the Russian and American satellites that collided last week.

There goes the logical explanation. Others say that it could've been a meteor, through they normally aren't visible during daylight hours.

I don't know what it could be, but it is awfully fishy that it made news about a year after the Texas UFO sightings. I am not one to believe in the unexplainable, but that picture to the right sure does look blurry. Y'all know that's the first sign of a cover-up: low resolution! It's 2009 and it's getting to the point that we can't count the megapixels on our cameras on both hands. Did the photographer smear Vasoline on the lens?

Check out CNN's coverage by clicking on the picture.

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