I barely figure out my own taxes....

04 February 2009

Poor Tom Daschle. I am a little annoyed by his tax situation. Aside from the bickering that occurs on Capitol Hill as a result of partisan politics, the situation seems to be about as hypocritical as it can get.

How can Tim Geithner get away with not paying his taxes and Tommy face so much scrutiny? It is understandable that Daschle owed quite a bit more than Geithner, but I don't recall Geithner giving any sort of solid reasoning behind his failure to pay Uncle Sam--and he was going to be the Treasury secretary! Daschle explains himself and still the media takes him down like a gazelle in the grasslands. If he were stealing medical records, it would be a bit more understandable to me.

I am not gonna take up for the guy for not paying his taxes, but I am not sure I would realize that using a friend's car service would be taxable income. Hell, I can barely manage to itemize my college-expense deductions, much less organize all the expenses that would come with organizing a car service.

So far, President Obama has been off to a rough start. I find my self being very critical of him, that is, I hold him to a very high standard. The mandate he received in November after such an inspirational campaign makes me hold him to all the promises.

I wonder if Obama himself knew about the taxes that his appointees owed and if he assumed that everything would work out regardless. Perhaps he tried to cover it up the best he could. I trust this guy and I would be very disappointed if he were ever found to be playing unfairly.

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