Why does this feel like fascism?

03 February 2009

If you hadn't heard, I'm an Apple fan. The products that the company makes are nearly irresistible. You will hear from anyone who had been inducted into this cult that the products that bear the logo of the bitten fruit just work! That's all, I don't want to hear any arguments, they really do.

I am not going to preach about how wonderful these machines are, but rather, how sore I am with the company right now.

I am the proud owner of an iPhone 3G. I didn't buy the original iPhone because I had a feeling that a better one was just around the corner. When I finally purchased my phone, it really changed the way I keep myself organized and the way I communicate with others.

I was so excited about the App Store and its promises. Another thing I was excited about was the Push Notification Service. Since Apple won't allow applications to run as background processes, this system was in development to allow third-party servers to send notifications to your phone via Apple servers. It was due to come out in September.

EPIC FAIL! It's February now, and this still hasn't come to fruition. Mac NN reports that it may never materialize because now Apple is considering allowing the next version to allow background processes. iPhone 3.0, if we've learned anything from history, should arrive around June.

My beef with Apple (besides making false promises) is that it throttles the technology it has. It holds back a feature or two so it can include it on a future product. That makes Apple-hungry consumers upgrade before their current systems have worn out.

I am guilty. When I read today that a much better iPhone might be out in June, I began to say my good-byes to my current phone. I will be a smart consumer in the end (if I don't like the design or I have to pay too much for too little, I won't buy it).

I can't wait until the new aluminum MacBooks drop in price just a little. I am really looking forward to that big and beautiful multi-touch track pad. It continues to haunt my dreams.

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