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19 February 2009

I fucking hate Fox News Channel.

I happened to be surfing through the channels and came upon a show hosted by some guy named Sean Hannity. Not only did he have guests on his show that still referred to African Americans as "Blacks," but he wanted to talk about Obama looking like a monkey!

What the hell, is this the damned 1950s? Thanks for throwing some more gasoline on the fire that is racism, Fox News. You're about as irresponsible as that homeless mother with 14 children.

I also want to say that this Hannity guy plays his hate mail on the air. He complains that he and Fox News are the voices of reason. Seems odd to me that the voice of reason would receive hate mail. And if indeed they were the voice of reason, don't you think that voice would be able to deduce that playing hate mail on live TV is an idiotic idea?

Republicans and all of their let's-keep-our-heads-up-our-asses bullshit is really starting to wear on me. The Democrats won in many races across the country in droves. If I had a voice of reason, I think it would tell me to shut the hell up and stop whining already. Until Obama screws our country like Bush did, they have no room to talk at all.

I've been very rant-y lately, haven't I?

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