03 February 2009

I have been working on creating a podcast for a few months now, and I think i finally got this stuff right. Before you go running off to listen to it, please understand that it will be the worst five minutes of your life.

Much like a child on Christmas, I just had to play with this thing as soon as I had it all up and running. As I mentioned in the audio itself, I am still trying to work the bugs out and develop a format. There is still a lot to be worked out (and a lot to be desired), but considering the number of hours I put into this think, I should at least get a B for effort (I did take a couple of breaks... so I guess my GPA will suffer).

I am proud of one thing though, I got this shit published on iTunes. Sure, it isn't that hard, but it feels nice to have the album art (which is craptastic at best, but hey, I made it myself) show up in the Cover Flow. That is a nice warm feeling, as though I'd released an album or something.

There is an RSS feed of the podcast in the left-hand column of this page, but for some reason, it isn't promptly showing the new shows as I post them all the time. Click HERE to check out the Feb. 3rd episode. Be warned, it's a trainwreck! Your comments are always welcome.

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