Stranger! Danger!

05 February 2009 is reporting today on a couple of stories about identity theft and impersonation on Facebook. It is worth the time to go and read the story. Facebook isn't as secure as one might think, not matter how many features they add to try and make it so.

One man impersonated Bryan Rutberg's profile and posted a status update asking for "urgent help." Rutberg's friends ended up sending the impersonator money that they thought was going to friend.

In another instance, 18-year-old Anthony Stanci posed as a female to persuade high-school boys to send him naked pictures. He used these pictures to blackmail the students into actually having sex with him.

That's some shady shit! I do have to give it to both of them though, they had good plans. You have to be smart to pull off something like this, too bad they weren't smart enough to realize that they weren't smart enough not to get caught. Stanci has now been charged with 12 felony counts. Included within those counts is having sex with minors and possesion of child pornography.

Protect your Facebook ya'll! And don't do anything like these guys...

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