In case of emergency...

24 March 2009

...please proceed to the nearest Apple Store.

((So I have to update my zero followers on a couple of points.

ONE: you may notice that there are some random things posted to my blog that don't seem to fit in with the usual format. Rest assured, it is only for my Digital Writing class. Once this semester is over, they will be hidden from the public view. Thanks for caring. Or not--it's whatever, really.

TWO: Apologies for my absence. I've been lazy. Sue me.))

Many of you may know that in all fantasy, I'm a vampire. That is, I sleep when the sun is out. I don't know why, but that has become my cycle over many years. It really sucks when I have something to do during the daytime. It will suck even more when I finally get that coveted nine-to-five.

Last night (and by last night I really mean 3 a.m. this morning) I decided to ride around for a while. I was developing cabin fever and just needed to get away. My trip took me everywhere you could imagine in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Along the way, my iPhone's battery began to die. I plugged it into the new car charger that I got--then it started acting foolish! The buttons (the physical ones) stopped working. When I reset the phone, the battery wouldn't hold a charge.

Jump to this evening when I went to the Apple Retail Store. I signed up for an appointment and raced to the mall. Surprisingly, I got there early. When I finally got called to the Genius Bar, the girl there (who didn't tell me her name) noticed that the case was cracked on the back. I told her about the battery. She did a diagnostic test on my phone. When she came back, she told me that she would just give me a new phone because my case was cracked and she could replace it just for that reason. Apple always amazes me.

The downside... iTunes doesn't back up your photos =(



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Anonymous said...

You know, if I sued you, I would only have to pay filing costs. . . cool.

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