Manifesto Revisited

02 May 2009

Oh yes, it is spring once again and it's time to start anew! It's time to look into our closets and the nooks of our pantries and throw out everything that is old and tired. Away with the sweater you bought last winter that you will never wear again. Out with those old Justin Timberlake albums. 

A wizened professor informed me that I also need to revise the manifesto that I posted at the beginning of this blog. The problem is, I don't feel that my manifesto needs revising. I am not sure how I feel about that--is it better that I haven't flip-flopped or have I not become enlightened? 

I still stand by my original utterances--words are power. Words are ideas and words are change. I believe that everyone should share their thoughts and their ideas, I believe people should spread the word. 

One day, someone will read what I've written and it will give them a new perspective. I am not saying that they will change their lives because of something that I've shared, but perhaps they will think twice. I believe this because I've had some of my perspectives changed by reading works from my fellow human beings. 

At the end of the day, we are all strong influences on one another. I intend to spread my influence and allow others to pass theirs along to me. This is necessary for our society to grow--we must keep out minds open to new ideas.

We must spread the word.

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